Henry Rasmussen — Visual Voices

Henry Rasmussen, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, spent his formative years in Sweden At 16, he enrolled in a typographical apprenticeship program in Stockholm. A scholarship allowed him to complete his education at Bauersche Giesserrie, the venerable German type foundry.Back in Sweden, and after stints in magazine layout, catalogue photography and advertising design, he set up his own graphic studio. It was during this time he began painting, and without formal training created a respectably body of work. a number of sales were made including one to a prominent art collector. This painting is now on permanent display as part of the public trust in the Swedish capital He moved to California and served as the art director with a San Francisco publisher for a few years, Rasmussen founded a magazine for fine art photographers, Black & White, which soon grew to as circulation of more than 35.000 in 50 countries. The sale of the magazine allowed him to return to his first love. A feverish output over the next few years culminated in a one-man show in Spring of 2009 and, in the Fall of 2009, a group show commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.Both shows were held at the H.P. Garcia Gallery in Manhattan. He now presents a new show titled 'Visual Voices" at the Steynberg Gallery.