Soiree @ Steynberg Gallery

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Date(s) - 03/19/2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Sunday Soirees at Steynberg – March 19 (Energy) and April 9 (Teddy Roosevelt)
Please join us on Sunday March 19 for a presentation by Don Malone on Energy and then a presentation on April 9 by John Ashbaugh on Teddy Roosevelt.
Both events will run from 6 to 8 pm at the Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St., SLO. We are trying out an earlier starting time – 6 pm. Wine and snacks will be available from 6 to 6:30 when the presentation will begin. The presentation and Q and A will go for approximately one hour.
We are resuming the soirees that Dave Hafemeister has been coordinating for the past 16 years. He is assuming emeritus status and I will begin coordinating these events going forward.
Our March 19 soiree will be a lively, informative one on ”Understanding the Western Energy Grid in the Alternative Energy Age” Don Malone is a Professional Engineer with 40 years electrical power generation experience with the Western Energy Grid.
During the first oil embargo in 1973, it became clear that energy generation, usage, and environmental concerns identified by the newly formed EPA would fundamentally transform the industry. The second oil embargo of 1976 set off an avalanche of energy transformation programs that pushed the industry into overdrive to generate cleaner power in greater quantities than ever before.
The Western Energy Grid expanded, transformed, and evolved into one of the largest, most complex, amazing machines ever built. California has mandated renewable power generation and funded subsidies for the installation of wind, biomass, and solar generation to jump start alternative energy suppliers until they achieve grid cost parity with the existing generation sources. A major concern for grid stability is fluctuations of the new energy sources due to sudden shifts in available power production.
Don will present a brief overview of the Grid and current power generation sources, along with a brief outlook on the future in light of the planned closure of Diablo Canyon.
In order to understand to the major electrical power issues of today and tomorrow and such questions as the potential for brownouts, you will not want to miss this.